Adina Hotel adds to Shayher Group's Pentridge vision

Shayher Group have landed a key piece of their mixed-use Pentridge puzzle with the announcement that TFE Hotels will operate an Adina Apartment Hotel as part of the former prison's regeneration.

Partly set within the walls of the former B cell block, Adina Pentridge will accommodate 120 serviced apartment suites with the task of designing the heritage-based project handed to Cox Architecture. A new building will also be built adjacent to B cell block, with remaining suites, apartments and communal facilities within at least a 16 level building, which coheres to the overall site masterplan.

Whilst some cells will be converted into serviced apartments, a number of cells will be preserved in their original condition.

With conceptual imagery released yesterday and the formal tie-up between Shayher Group and TFE Hotels announced, heritage consultation, feasibility and architectural design will now proceed in earnest.

Working toward a 2020 opening, Adina Apartment Hotel will also see a restaurant, day spa, 400sqm conference and meeting facility, an indoor pool and gym as part of the development. The prison’s former chapel will also be maintained for functions and events.

Visualised lobby for Adina Pentridge. Image: Shayher Group

Pentridge gathers momentum

Most relevant to Adina's arrival is the recent review of an application by Shayher Group to extend the approved planning application for Champ Street B Division. Issued during 2009, the approval for the then VALAD Property Group allowed for the construction of a 19 level tower adjacent to B Division with SJB Architects taking the design lead.

Located in the south-west courtyard of the historic B Division building, approval of the extension would see the project start no later than November 2018 and be completed no later than November 2020. Revised plans would need to be presented to Council in the interim.

It was recommended that City of Moreland's Urban Planning Committee resolves to approve the extension of time of two years to the planning permit.

Shayher Group's first project within Pentridge dubbed Horizon Coburg has structurally topped out, with internal fitouts now proceeding at pace for the 50 dwellings. Also in the pipeline is 21 Pentridge Boulevard with approximately 220 apartments in play over a site area of 6,300sqm.

The Arrival of Adina: what they say

We have challenged Cox Architects to deliver a design that sets a benchmark in sensitive and adaptive reuse and breathes new life into this historic asset, returning it to the public. In developing these plans, we have taken inspiration from similar projects in the United States and United Kingdom that have readapted jails into beautiful accommodation, paying tribute to the past by repositioning them for the future.

The masterplan and its density was created in line with the government’s future vision for this area to become an urban hub and easily accessible, with affordable housing options, transport, services and much more.

The hotel remains subject to Shayher Group obtaining the relevant planning and heritage approvals and we will be working closely with the Moreland City Council and Heritage Victoria. We are also working with the community to involve local stakeholders in aspects relating to the transformation of the site, with a recent community open day attracting around 3,000 interested people.

Anthony Goh, Shayher Group

This site speaks to a rich history and we believe locals and visitors from overseas will be intrigued to learn about Australia’s penal past.

Hotels provide a great way to preserve the history of heritage-listed buildings, allowing unique and memorable experiences for guests who learn and experience aspects of that rich past.

Rachel Argaman, CEO, TFE Hotels


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Good stuff! Can't wait to see the designs.

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Aussie Steve's picture

The poor way Pentridge has been developed is a clear expression of the lack of guts Heritage Victoria has when it comes to upholding the law and principals of heritage conservation.

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Is that relative to development that has already occurred? Most of what has been built there over the last decade is woefully bad.

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