Southbank's surge continues: another CBD model update

With 2016 now well underway and several projects gearing up for construction or gathering pace, it's an opportune time for another update on the progress of Urban Melbourne's CBD model. Previously the focus has been on the CBD North area, however with big projects such as Australia 108 in full swing and the approval of Kavanagh Park, it seemed like the next area worth looking at was Southbank.

As this is an ongoing process there are still buildings still to be added, both existing and future, but it's interesting to see what's in store for Southbank over the course of the next five or so years.

Southbank aerial of the central cluster.

The elevation below shows (some are not visible) the projects currently under construction on Southbank.

Southbank under construction.

Major towers currently under construction include:

  • Australia 108
  • 1-11 Balston Street
  • Opus Tower (nearing completion)
  • 2 Riverside Quay
  • Shadow Play
  • Marco Apartments
  • Platinum Tower

When the approved projects (blue) are added into the mix the change in Southbank's skyline and density is significant with Kavanagh Park alone set to add six towers and 2,610 dwellings to the area.

Other sizeable developments include 38 Freshwater Place at 274 metres, 158 City Road, Elysium (240 metres) and Central Equity's tallest approved project to date: Southbank Place at 165 metres.

Southbank approvals (blue) and under construction (green).

And lastly proposed developments are included, adding further variety to the skyline silhouette; a far cry from the City of Melbourne's desire for a blanket height in Southbank of 100 metres.

Southbank all in.

Still missing from the above images are Wilkinson Eyre's 317 metre Crown Plaza at 1 Queensbridge Street, which will slot straight in taking centre stage in the Southbank model. This will occur once Urban Melbourne has the full details on the development.

Additionally a dual tower scheme for 87-105 City Road, designed by Fender Katasalidis Architects is also anticipated to be included soon as will the the revamped 334-344 City Road.

Southbank from Flinders Street Station.

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