Feedback submissions on Construction Technologies discussion paper closing September 21st

Feedback submissions on Spring Street's Victoria's Future Industries: Construction Technologies discussion paper are closing on the 21st of September.

The paper and the subsequent feedback the State Government is inviting will aid in the development of a Victorian construction industry technologies strategy.

According to the discussion paper, the construction sector in Victoria employs almost 240,000 people and contributes 6.7% or $21.6 billion to the States Gross State Product and this includes residential and non-residential construction activity.

The Victorian Government has identified the construction materials and technologies industries as one of a number of sectors strategically important for the State. Firms in these industries provide inputs into the construction sector, which is both an important enabler in the Victorian economy and a significant sector in its own right.

This paper outlines how the performance of the construction technologies sector might be improved and identifies a number of areas for stakeholders to further consider:

  • Capitalising on Melbourne’s status as the world’s most liveable city.
  • Capturing the demonstration benefit from green, smart projects.
  • Accelerating the uptake of new materials and technologies.
  • The role of government in the take up of Building Information Modelling.
  • Establishing Victoria as Australia’s centre of excellence for off-site construction technologies and businesses.
  • Utilising the strength of Victoria’s research base for the benefit of the building materials and building technology industries.
  • Getting better at exporting and managing the import challenge
Construction Technologies discussion paper - Executive Summary

You could be forgiven for having difficulty trying to wrap your head around what a status bestowed on Melbourne by a foriegn economics magazine has to do with improved construction technologies; nevertheless, the other points listed above are bound to invite robust discussion.

To lodge feedback, see the details on the Business Victoria website.

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