260 La Trobe shapes as Melbourne's next big tower

The jungle drums are beating for Melbourne's next big development with word that 254-260 La Trobe Street is subject to a tower that if approved will rival its neighbour, Aurora Melbourne Central for size. The height of the intended development, which approaches the PANS-OPS ceiling for this section of the CBD has seen the proposal referred to aviation authorities for input.

This is somewhat unusual as the application for the tower has not appeared on the State planning register as yet, which is usually the first port of call. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) will instead initially make a call on the project which would see two tower cranes utilised during its construction breach the PANS-OPS barrier for an extended period of time. Post a consultation period the project is expected to move through standard planning channels.

CBD-based Landream are understood to be behind the project, which would add to their portfolio which also sees apartment projects in Northcote, Box Hill and further east along La Trobe Street, namely Trillium. Currently under construction, Trillium's head contractor Built is also involved in the early planning for 254-260 La Trobe Street, having aided in construction feasibility and the placement of the all important tower cranes as seen below.

Tower crane positioning for the intended development

Incidentally a post on Urban Melbourne's forum has linked to an online document portfolio for a project dubbed Skyline Melbourne located at 254-260 La Trobe Street, which looks to be a concept created within University of Melbourne's design studio on behalf of Landream.

Irrespective of the design's purpose, the 83 level mixed-use concept does provide a fair indication as to what can be expected onsite once an official planning application is lodged.

Skyline Melbourne. Image courtesy Studio 11

If and when 254-260 La Trobe Street does eventuate it will sit alongside Aurora Melbourne Central which is currently due to see its site demolition works commence, prior to Probuild undertaking construction works. Located at 224-252 La Trobe Street, Aurora weights in at 267 metres above ground and will carry in excess of 1,000 habitable dwellings split between private apartments and serviced apartments.

Only last week Urban Melbourne covered plans for dual 246 metre towers further west along La Trobe Street for developer 3L Alliance. Coupled with Aurora and 254-260 La Trobe Street, this quartet of towers has the ability to radically alter the skyline in this section of Melbourne's CBD which has for so long been dominated by the lone presence of Melbourne Central.

Lead image courtesy Google maps.


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This plus aurora plus 222 Latrobe plus 377 swanston on the corner will create a pretty strong very tall wall of towers along the north side of Latrobe, so the south side will be in the shade for most of the year - luckily the south side is the practically shop and pedestrian free wall of Melb Central. Though it will mean the street will feel even more unfriendly, and the sun will penetrate the shot tower cone less frequently. Im all about sunlight arnt I ?


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I like the sunlight too, Rohan - much of Melbourne CBD is cold and dark right now!

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much of Melbourne CBD is cold and dark right now!

That tends to be the case when the sun goes down at night.

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Great article Mark Baljak, thank-you.

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