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JD Group ramp up their Melbourne project pipeline

JD Group ramp up their Melbourne project pipeline

It's become a well worn path in recent years; small-scale property developers winding their way up in project scale to a point where they begin to assert themselves as a serious player in Melbourne's development landscape. The subject of today's article is JD Group who according to their website were established during 1996 and for the most part went about their business of creating townhouse and low-rise apartment projects.

Under the guidance of CEO & Managing Director John Yun, JD Group have of late ventured into larger low-rise projects. Currently under construction, the 71 apartments of Reynolds Gardens is soon to be joined by the 50 apartments of Middle Burke which begins construction this September.

Meritorious as these two are, they look to be a springboard with JD Group intending to ramp up the scale of future residential projects. According to their website, four major development sites have been added to the JD Group's stable of late, they are:

196-202 Burwood Road, Hawthorn

JD Group ramp up their Melbourne project pipeline
196-202 Burwood Road, Hawthorn. Image © JD Group

The firm's most recent acquisition at 196-202 Burwood Road and 1-9 Drill Street, Hawthorn represents a large development site of 7,013 sqm. The existing Going Going Green nursery onsite holds street frontages to Burwood Road of 69m and 101m to Drill Street.

If the diagonally opposite Atria project recently developed by Caydon is any indication, a residential project in the vicinity of 250 apartments is plausible.

180-200 Reynolds Road, Doncaster East

JD Group ramp up their Melbourne project pipeline
180-200 Reynolds Road, Doncaster East. Image © JD Group

Currently before Manningham City Council, 180-200 Reynolds Road, Doncaster East is diagonally opposite JD Group's Reynolds Gardens project. Designed by Paul Shaw & Associates, the proposal seeks to deliver 300 dwellings within four apartment buildings over the 13,376 sqm site with all apartments containing either one or two bedrooms.

Council planners have advised approval for the application.

20 Queens Road, Melbourne

JD Group ramp up their Melbourne project pipeline
20 Queens Road, Melbourne. Image © JD Group

Reported as being for sale this year with a potential planning application yielding 461 apartments, 20-22 Queens Road covers 4,598 sqm with Albert Park Golf Course frontage. Post purchase, JD Group have chosen Rothe Lowman to conceive an apartment tower which is now under town planning according to the developer's website.

1026-1030 Doncaster Road, Doncaster East

JD Group ramp up their Melbourne project pipeline
1026-1030 Doncaster Road, Doncaster East. Image © JD Group

JD Group are based in Doncaster East so it's no surprise their fourth prime development site is also their third development within the suburb. Intended to be a landmark development with more than 100 high-end apartments, the 4,200 sqm site is currently under town planning.

From meagre beginnings to near on 1000 apartments in the development pipeline, JD Group look to be asserting themselves on the Melbourne property development landscape.

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