The making of Malvern East

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The making of Malvern East

The making of Malvern East as an apartment stronghold that is. Established leafy streets aside, a large tract of Malvern East fronting Dandenong Road is steadily morphing from low-rise commercial/detached housing use to a higher density residential enclave.

The area is subject to a structure plan implemented by City of Stonnington which as seen below in Rothe Lowman's recent application for 887 Dandenong Road, generally encourages built form to six levels. 6-8 levels is the prevailing trend for the area generally opposite Monash University Caulfield, although additional projects are well spread along the northern side of Dandenong Road within Malvern East.

The making of Malvern East

The domain of private and local property developers, major developments within the burgeoning Malvern East precinct include:


887 Dandenong Road, Malvern East - 42 apartments.

The making of Malvern East

1009-1011 Dandenong Road - 35 apartments.

The making of Malvern East


80-90 Waverley Road - 64 apartments.

The making of Malvern East

781 Dandenong Road - 314 apartments.

The making of Malvern East

At Sales

879 Dandenong Road - 56 apartments.

The making of Malvern East

Under construction

857 Dandenong Road - 59 apartments.

The making of Malvern East


951 Dandenong Road - 68 apartments.

The making of Malvern East

833 Dandenong Road - 83 apartments.

The making of Malvern East

Total apartments numbers over the highlighted seven projects equates to 721 or roughly 1100 new residents within the developing precinct once construction is complete. Add the abundance of existing, small-scale commercial tenancies along the northern reach of Dandenong Road and the numbers above could be double over time as further developments soak up likely development sites.

Urban Melbourne will be watching Malvern East with great interest.

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Discussion (1 comment)

drunkill's picture

Development along Dandenong road is spreading down towards Carnegie so you have the better local shops while still being only a 5-10 minute walk to the university.

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