2 Hopkins Street Footscray and 57 Haig Street Southbank approved

The Planning Minister has announced the approval of 1000 units in five towers in two separate towers - both projects having been profiled on Urban Melbourne previously.

Urban Melbourne first profiled 2 Hopkins Street on the forum in May last year with images taken from the original planning application lodged with Maribyrnong City Council. 2 Hopkins Street consists of 751 apartment split across four towers ranging in height from 16 to 28 levels.

57 Haig Street Southbank was similarly profiled originally on the forum and then in this piece at the end of April last year. 57 Haig Street will have 249 apartments over 38 levels and is nestled between Clarendon Street and the West Gate Freeway in Southbank.

Of great interest is the scale of the 2 Hopkins Street project. Slowly but surely nodes outside the traditional core of Melbourne are building their own medium and high-density development momentum. Where South Yarra was the poster child (and still arguably is one of them) for non-CBD high-density development, Footscray is increasingly asserting itself.

For a map and list of all the projects Urban Melbourne is tracking in Footscray, click here.

Full media release

Five Towers and 1,000 Units Approved in Central Melbourne

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