The Opus Tower - an Artisan's work

It was only a short few weeks ago that Urban Melbourne highlighted the rolling application that was 57-61 City Road via this article and mused whether Artisan Architects would finally get one of their prolific high-rise portfolio off the drawing board and into Melbourne's skyline.

Evidently wheels were in motion with Melbourne City Council's approval of the amended planning application green lighted late February, whilst project developer LK Property Group was quietly going about facilitating marketing and branding for what is now known as The Opus Tower.

Revisiting Artisan Architects project description once more:

The design of this new 37 level building of 246 Apartments and 144 carspaces was inspired by its context and its intended users.

Along with many ESD initiatives, the planning of this new tower also takes advantage of its long vista back to the Yarra River and Flinders Street Station.

Gone is the initial awkward green, grey and white colour motif, replaced with a tower dominated by black and white horizontal bands and highlighted with a golden crown; a nod to neighbour Eureka Tower perhaps? It's impressive how a change of external colours can transform a project so markedly for the better.

Currently taking registrations of interest prior to public release, the Opus Tower seeks to join a throng of projects jostling for position on Southbank. With uninterrupted views directly north and east owing to its location, the project is one of few on Southbank that can boast such a luxury (for the time being at least).

The Urban Melbourne database shows The Opus Tower to be one of 24 high-rise residential projects ranging from planning application to under construction located within Southbank.


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The Piano tower.

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