Apartments in the 'burbs? Oakleigh Dokily

I should preface this by saying 'dokily' was the only word (if you'd call it that) that I could think of that (kind of) rhymed with Oakleigh - sorry I'm not Eminem. The suburb of Oakleigh, located some 15km south-east of the CBD has been undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts in recent years with plenty of further development potential. As a casual visitor who passes through regularly but only stops by once or twice a month either for a coffee, gyros or pizza I thought it might be a good idea to set out on foot, trusty camera in tow.

Like a number of other suburbs, Oakleigh's centre is beginning to see a shift towards apartment living with development largely centred along the Hanover/Atkinson Street strip and Warrigal Road. These include Atkinson & Atherton, Infinity and 29-31 Swindon Rd, although the last is technically in Hughesdale I've decided to still include it.

Hanover Street in particular with its abundance of open air parking and proximity to Oakleigh Shopping Centre, Station and Dandenong Road, lends itself to further development with apartment buildings of around 5-8 storeys likely.

Additionally Eaton Mall, the main cafe and dining strip has seen a transformation with new paving, seating, lighting and hard and soft landscaping. This has been a very good outcome for the area with the cafes consistently packed, particularly on warm Saturday evenings.

So without further ado please enjoy the photos from my walk around Oakleigh - the weather unfortunately was nothing to write home about. A map of my walking route can be seen below:

Development happening in the back streets.


Peter Maltezos's picture

Forget about Lonsdale Street, Oakleigh is the new Little Greece in Melbourne!

Eaton Mall is easily the best mall in Melbourne and on a sunny day it's hard to beat!

I encourage everyone to visit Oakleigh on a lazy weekend day, you won't be disappointed.

The new apartments going up are not the best I've seen, but are encouraging.

Warrigal Road and some of the surface car parks in this area should have a lot more apartments.

As a shopping strip, Warrigal Road was decimated by the Chadstone Shopping Centre and being reborn as an apartment precinct makes a lot of sense, especially with the Oakleigh Station nearby.

I collect, therefore I am.
Melbourne_Fragments's picture

bloody bogan renovations! That brick building with the '5 cafe' has had a chunky black awning placed over Art Deco bank signage, as well as original art deco entrance replaced by glass shopfront, typical of Monash council to allow that

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