The Full Monty - Montague Precinct in all its glory


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As part of Urban Melbourne's forum on 'Guiding Melbourne's Urban Growth' for Melbourne Knowledge Week, I was invited to do a presentation on Fishermans Bend which involved modeling and rendering all bar two of the 29 proposals lodged with the Department of Planning Transport and Local Infrastructure.  Whilst two proposals lie within Sandridge Precinct,  the vast majority of projects are sited within what is known as Montague Precinct. 

Below is a tabulated summary of all projects that are situated within Montague Precinct, with a number of additions.  I've included 120-132 Ferrars Street which is merely a concept but just might be indicative of what can eventually be expected within the area unlimited by height restraints.  400-430 City Road is also included as it represents the westernmost approved development scheme within Southbank - visually it demonstrates that Montague Precinct will in part be a continuation of Southbank and its many tall towers.

It's also worth noting that a number of the below proposals will invariably change given the uncertainty of the State Government's draft structure plan for the area which has yet to be ratified.  For instance 125-133 Thistlethwaite has been suspended only a short time after being submitted for asessment - a direct response to the planning uncertainly revolving around the area at the moment.  Regardless the list reads as follows;

Part of the reason why Urban Melbourne has decided to do this is to give the public a visual representation of what the area might look like beyond diagrams and pages of text - and subsequently form an opinion on how the area should be developed. Keep in mind most of the proposals were lodged prior to the release of the Fishermans Bend Draft Vision and Interim Design Guidelines in September so are subject to change, but hopefully the images provide everyone with some food for thought.

Urban Melbourne now has a stable of renders which we can alter as Montague Precinct and Fishermans Bend in general evolves.  As always please click on the renders below to expand them for full resolution, enjoy the images and let us know what you think. 


Montague Precinct - 228 Normanby Road in foreground. © Blockhead


Mark Baljak's picture

Well done Laurence!

troy's picture

Fantastic,i hope all these projects will become a reality,especially the 120-132 Ferrars Street concept.

Peter Maltezos's picture

Impressive! yes

Render monkey strikes again.

Although just a concept, 120-132 Ferrars Street are my favourites. laugh

I collect, therefore I am.
Rohan Storey's picture

Time for a new version? Has it changed much in 2 1/2 years?


Mark Baljak's picture

Yes Laurence will have to create a new version at some point, although for the next little while he'll go from rendering guru to travelling reporter.

I think an updated version will appear later in the year.

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