The Wilson Street microcosm

Consider Wilson Street, South Yarra a snapshot of Melbourne at large. For so long a light commercial area typified by a multitude of single level factories, Wilson Street like Melbourne all over has seen an ever increasing number of residential projects take root as developers ride the increasing popularity of apartment living. There are now five apartment buildings at different stages of the development cycle along Wilson Street.

As old factories disappear, medium rise apartment buildings take their place in what seems to be South Yarra's back blocks of strength. Nearby Garden Street and Simmons Street are also subject to mid-rise proposals. While this pocket may not have the size and glitz of a Forest Hill precinct address nearby, they're equally well if not better positioned in accessing Chapel Street's many offerings.

Pure, Kudos, WLSN and Mode shown below will together yield 111 new apartments and conceivably 200+ new residents to the area.

Pure Apartments - 42 Wilson Street. Registration & Sales

Kudos - 26 Wilson Street. Registration & Sales

WLSN Apartments - 7 Wilson Street. Under construction

Mode Apartments - 25 Wilson Street. Under construction

Add to these the latest and largest development nearing the starters gun with images below depicting 31-43 Wilson Street. Abutting Mode Apartments the site is currently under control of Valeo Construction and under demolition. Details are limited but images via Fraher Design 3D show a large nine level apartment complex with active street frontage to Wilson Street. Underground carpark access is seemingly via Garden Lane to the rear of the building while a north-south passage and lobby is also visible. Looking remarkably similar to A Place To Live apartments on Burnley Street, Richmond one could make the assumption that SJB Architects may well be responsible for the design.

Projects such as those above certainly don't garner the media attention (or hysterical response for that matter) of the high rises through Melbourne's CBD and Southbank, yet are no less important to the overall apartment stock. What is happening in Wilson Street is happening Melbourne over, the rapid increase in mid-rise apartment buildings during the past few years has been impressive, and shows no sign of abating.

31-43 Wilson Street, South Yarra. Image © Fraher Design 3D

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