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Forumers Nicholas Harrison and Fedsquared have been kind enough to post pictures and the planning report for a proposed residential tower at 57 Haig Street, Southbank. Designed by Bruce Henderson Architects, the scheme has been produced for Zoland Family Nominees Pty Ltd and R & J Freeman Nominess Pty Ltd. Given the parties aren't known developers the application if approved may well be on-sold for profit to a developer capable of delivering the project.

Regardless Urban Melbourne recent looked at the newly completed Tiara Apartments building also on Haig Street, in particular its dismal street activation. 57 Haig Street thankfully takes a different stance, while the render below may not look enthralling it at least gives something back to the streetscape.

Ground floor features of the proposed tower include an activated, glass fronted lobby facing Haig Street while a commercial tenancy of 150sqm is also available. Above ground sits a number of carpark levels wrapped with apartments facing Haig Street while vehicle access and loading is accessible via Blakeney Place. Having pedestrian access and vehicle/motorcycle access separated does wonders for Haig Street while the exposed carpark levels at the rear of the site fronting Blakeney Place are covered by existing buildings.

Given the intensive future development earmarked for the areas surrounding Haig Street and access lanes running both north & south capable of handling all vehicles it raises the question - could Haig Street eventually become a pedestrian only thoroughfare? Once developments such Fishermans Bend and the approved 400-430 City Road hotel and apartment complex eventuate, it strengthens the case for a retail-lined pedestrian only thoroughfare linking these areas with Crown.

A Crone Partners image above shows the potential of linking 400-430 City Road's internal pedestrian arcade with that of Haig Street, eventually spilling onto Clarendon Street (itself in need of beautification) and Crown opposite. Pie in the sky? Quite possible, but it must start somewhere and that somewhere may just be 57 Haig Street.

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Looks rather generic to me. Hopefully some form of good street activation will follow.

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