Chadstone's twin towers sharpen up

During 2011 Chadstone Shopping Centre owners Gandel Group and CFS Retail Property Trust disclosed their intentions to expand Chadstone with the addition of two towers facing Princes Highway. The initial scheme called for towers up to 14 levels, though as time passed the proposals were refined to the point where by mid last year visualisation firm Atomic 3D carried the render below on their website.

Gaining approval from both Stonnington City Council and Planning Minister Guy late last year, the scheme has been further refined with project architects Bates Smart adding more visual character to the project.

When realised, the western hotel tower will hold 190 rooms over 10 levels plus ground floor facilities reaching an overall height of 44 metres whilst rooms will range in size between 28sqm and 32sqm. The eastern office building will hold 15,788sqm of lettable space over nine dedicated ofice levels plus ground floor facilites and reach a height of 45.3 metres.

Whilst the office tower seems for the most unchanged, both the podium structure and hotel have gained a new look. The hotel's facade will be a mixture of double glazed glass broken by vertical bands of white alternating ceramic frit.

Further the glassed podium is now covered by a vertical blade screen as seen below. A new semi-enclosed elevated glass pedestrian walk will also be constructed linking the new buildings to the existing shopping centre.

While endorsed plans indicate 507 additional car parking spaces will be added via three levels under the towers, a Herald Sun article from last year suggests that upon completion car parking spaces will near 11000 throughout the whole complex.

I'm all for a developments such as this which intensifies an already highly used activity node and centralises large scale development, but the question remains - Is Chadstone too car dependant and are current public transport links sufficient enough to turn a suburban shopping centre into a true activity centre?

Alastair will address Chadstone's transport issues tomorrow, but for today find below more images from both Atomic 3D and Bates Smart of Chadstone's foray info the commercial and hotel markets.

View toward the CBD © Atomic 3D

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