Silver and Bronze set the standard

The evolution of MAB's Docklands Newquay precinct marches on with Saturday passed marking the public launch of the first of two new glazed residential towers.

Silver at Newquay Promenade continues a departure from early Newquay designs drawing heavily on precast concrete elements and further enforces an impressive design path initially set by The Quays development further east in the precinct.

Conceived by Woods Bagot Architects as replacements for an open air carpark, the two parallelogram crystalline forms are designed with their surrounds in mind.

Both towers are rotated to maximise sight lines toward one another while also maximising views of existing building nearby, the water and new urban park that will be built at their doorstep.

To be built either separately or concurrently, the smaller Silver tower represents the initial market release comprising 164 apartments over 18 levels.

One, two and three bedroom options plus loft apartments principally facing Doepel Way are available with living spaces ranging from to 48sqm to 115sqm - a nice spread seemingly catering for all market segments.

The ground floor plan below shows that while the west and south walls abutt existing buildings, both the north and east aspects will be heavily activated to maximise public use and interface with the building.

The centrepiece of this activation is a new pedestrian link under Silver tower that will link Caravel Lane with the upcoming Newquay Square Park, allowing surrounding commercial workers and residents quick access to the park while also increasing the amount of retail space available through the development.

Above ground level sits the carpark which includes spaces for both towers and vehicle parking for the upcoming tower C facing Victoria Harbour, whether it's use be residential or hotel.

The carpark is sheltered from view by dual-level loft dwellings. Highlighted by their two level balcony spaces, the loft spaces tie in nicely with the overall facades weave pattern.

Further to that weave pattern, Woods Bagot describe the "folded facade as the most striking design detail of the project as a whole." Progressing from a heavy weave of 300mm over lower levels the facade continually tapers as it heads upwards, eventually resulting in a flat facade.

While the unbroken facade treatment brings interest to the design, it also allows for excellent natural light and spectacular floor to ceiling views as seen below - I envy those fortunate enough to hold such a panorama that won't be built out over time.

The angular crown atop both towers will hold terraced apartments. Views and expansive internal spaces aside these terraces will be heavily studded with greenery and have the ability to catch and re-use rainfall throughout the complex.

A number of other inclusions such as 6 Star Energy Rating, solar hot water and low emission construction materials allows the Silver tower an ESD Award of Excellence rating.

All in all a highly impressive addition to Newquay and with only 164 apartments currently on offer in Silver, it's a fair assumption the public release of Bronze tower won't be far away.

Silver tower floorplans and further images of both towers available below and © Woods Bagot

Silver tower pool. Image ©


Dangerous Beans's picture

Ticks all the right boxes for me. With the Quays, now this and the upcoming building in the square New Quay is coming along very nicely. There's still heaps of vacant land available in the precint lets hope MAB can keep up the standard.
Thanks for the info and images.

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Andrew Mck's picture

I hope work starts as proptly as the Quays did, and i hope they build the pair together, plus its been a positivet that development has been staged over many years as we are know seeing more of a range of different building types within each precinct.

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