Spotlight on Melbourne projects - Upper House in Carlton


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Welcome to the first in a regular series where we put the spotlight on projects in our database.  Be sure to check out the project map as well - at the time of writing we currently have 120 projects published and open for viewing, we have another 200+ projects we anticipate we'll add to the database in the weeks/months ahead.

To get the ball rolling let's have a look at Upper House, located at 516-520 Swanston Street in Carlton.  Developed by Piccolo Developments and designed by Jackson Clement Burrows, Upper House will replace the current Electrical Trades Union building on the south east corner of Swanston and Queenberry Streets.  

From Upper House's website:

Introducing Upper House. With apartments starting at $380,000, this boutique project is brought to life by the award-winning Piccolo group, renowned for luxury, style and distinction. Located on Swanston Street where Carlton meets the CBD, this is true urban living, in the clouds.
Made up of two distinct apartment buildings – The Podium and The Cloud – Upper House is the master work of award-winning Jackson Clements Burrows Architects. The Podium structure provides elevated serenity from the dynamic Melbourne arterial of Swanston Street. While The Cloud perches above the low-lying Carlton skyline, offering intimate views of Australia’s cultural capital, Melbourne.
Carlton, and the Swanston Street corridor in particular, is a haven for generic, precast student accomodation buildings and kudos must go to Piccolo for pitching the development above this market, bringing more diversity into one of our city's primary urban corridors and having a hand in delivering this unique building. The Upper House sales campaign have been successful with Hamilton & Marino builders soon to deliver a high quality product to Carlton. Urban Melbourne will soon look at another tower currently submitted for planning approval in the immediate area, which may well add another interesting dymanic to the area.
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1 comment

Bronteboy's picture

Well, a vast improvement on the ETU Building, and it sounds good, going up market there. Always in favour of anything that goes upmarket, and it does look like it has some gravitas to it. Wish it well. That area lags somewhat, perpetually waiting [since 1989] for the CUB site to fill in across the road.

Congratulations on all the fresh material coming in on UMI. You've done a great job on start-up, and it's full of interest.

onwards and upwards

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