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Brady Property Group has been developing in the city of Melbourne for over twenty years as developers, while also being an in-house construction company, and a Real Estate group. They handle all stages of their projects from planning, designing, developing, building, and selling, through to the management of their properties.

Brady Property Group also undertake and manage property assessment, feasibilities, buildability, and cost engineering, along with elements such as town planning applications, design management, project finance, and contractual issues.

The Brady Constructions arm of the business not only manages construction projects for the Brady Group but other developers in residential urban development and construction.

Some of their more notable developments include 380 Melbourne, two towers which are known for their visual cascade of silver ripples, which uses moulded bay windows across the building’s facades to maximise the view from the interior while creating more floor space within its apartments. They are also responsible for the Vision building at 500 Elizabeth Street, 109-111 Little Lonsdale Street, and 272-282 Queen Street, all located in Melbourne.

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Brady Group regularly work with the following companies:
Elenberg Fraser
Peddle Thorp Architects


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