Profiling Montlaur's role in the new ANMF Melbourne headquarters

Works on the new purpose-built Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) headquarters were completed late last year. Now occupied, the 10-storey mixed-use complex at 535 Elizabeth Street was built by Multiplex and accommodates the organisation’s 165 staff within the 16,820 square metre building.

With the task of creating a new workplace and education facility in line with ANMF's vision, architecture firm Crone went about designing the building which includes a 400-seat auditorium, simulation laboratories, state-of-the-art interactive library, student hub and multi-purpose training rooms. 

A-grade commercial space accounts for the buildings upper levels, and are leased separately to the ANMF's needs. 

Crone describes 535 Elizabeth Street's internals as maintaining an uncomplicated material palate of raw concrete, metal and timber, designed to provide a common aesthetic across the buildings varied uses. 

Victoria Street and O'Connell Street outcome

Early in the building's development process, ANMF appointed project management firm Montlaur which was tasked with delivering an outcome in line with expectations.

Montlaur director Lucy Symington acted as lead project manager on 535 Elizabeth Street, and explains that the notion of project management stretched far beyond the physical delivery of the building. Montlaur has worked in partnership with the ANMF Victorian Branch since 2013 delivering end-to-end project services for 535 Elizabeth Street which included:

  • Development feasibility 
  • Consultant appointment 
  • Coordination of town planning and VCAT processes 
  • Project management 
  • Development management 
  • Superintendent role 
  • Change management and facilities management strategy 
  • Management of retail and office leasing 
  • Coordination of the sale of the existing premises
Double height uninterrupted view over the CBD

"We met with a full cross-section of the organisation and heard about their current challenges and how they see themselves working in the future. This was consistently reflected upon during design to ensure the original brief was being maintained."

In addition to the uses outlined above, end-of trip facilities and a ground floor cafe round out the project's features. After design adjustments during the planning process, historic facades fronting both Elizabeth Street and O'Connell Street were incorporated into the build.

Key though to 535 Elizabeth Street being a success is the array of uses dedicated toward education and training.

"The ANMF came from a building that was very cramped and its facilities for education and training were fairly dated. They’ve now moved to cutting-edge facilities, and the feedback is that staff love the new arrangement." Through the incorporated education centre, the ANMF Victorian Branch offers training in a range of nationally recognised qualifications for many of its 80,000 members.

Auditorium space

On the partnership between client and Montlaur, Lucy Symington explained the worth of having guidance in place from an early stage."The client had extended its previous building without the benefit of independent project management and was keen to find the right partner for the new building.

Their core business is not in construction so it was imperative to mentor them and talk them through the process so they knew what to expect at every stage. The client had never owned a building of this scale and nature before, with external tenants involved.

Our role was to facilitate a planning approach so that when they occupied the new premises they would know what to expect. We offer full end-to-end solutions such as superintendent services, appointing a building manager and awarding maintenance contracts."

Further imagery of the completed building can be seen below.

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