Rebecca Walk's long awaited transformation set to finally get underway?

First mooted early last year, the long awaited facelift to Rebecca Walk looks set to proceed following a call out for "40 energetic street food traders" back in January of this year and planning approvals.

New plans were conceived for the largely empty row of pods which occupy the under croft of the Flinders St Viaduct adjacent to Batman Park on the CBD's Northbank. Rebecca Walk takes its name from the schooner ‘Rebecca’ which John Batman sailed into the Yarra and celebrates the historical connection between 'Batman' and 'Rebecca'.

The existing condition of Rebecca Walk. Image:

Developed in parallel with Far East Consortium's Northbank Place development on the site of the former Fish Markets, Rebecca Walk was envisioned as a catalyst and drawcard for Northbank which activated an otherwise underutilised space.

Businessman Arthur Zurcas announced plans last year to rejuvenate the area into the city’s “newest explosive food and entertainment hot spot”.

The proposed plan would replace the existing pods with purpose built micro-kitchens, and semi-permanent shipping containers, transforming the area into a street food hub.  Other features would include outdoor entertainment, and activities, street art, an outdoor cinema and an elevated deck overlooking Batman Park.

Ground Plan of Rebecca Walk showing occupation of car parking. Image:

The plans indicate the food hub will extend beyond the current boundary occupying a greater footprint and replacing a number of car parking spaces while also creating a shared pedestrian/vehicle space in place of a service driveway.

An application was lodged last year for 2-92 Rebecca Walk for the "Erection and display of artwork on a hoarding" (City of Melbourne reference TP-2016-1045) followed by a further application (TP-2016-1118) on the 29th December which was for:

Partial demolition and development of the land for the purpose of a food and drink premises (excluding hotel and tavern) and for the construction and display of internally illuminated business identification

A permit was issued on the 4th August which paves the way for Rebecca Walk's transformation to proceed. It appears to be a case of when not if the rebranded Rebecca Walk will proceed but one hazard's a guess it should be up and running in time for summer.

Rebecca Walk is set to become a street food and outdoor entertainment hub. Image:

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3000's picture

Cannot wait for this gross area to be turned into something great. Hopefully, they improve the green space along here too, the area is currently a wasteland that needs some love.

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elev8's picture

Don't know about long-awaited - the place was practically only just built. this time it looks like it might work though

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Keanan O'Carroll's picture

Just look at Arbory a little farther toward the city to see how good that dead space along the river can be if it's developed properly. Awesome news.

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Mark K's picture

I'd be interested to see how successful it would be if the development didn't have an alcohol license.
Also, there is a difference in the language between " of the former Fish Markets" and "...former site of the Fish Markets". There is an implication that there is some remaining historical, maybe, a building. Or is there an intention to build the 'context'?
More historically significant would be the acknowledgement of the vagrants who presently call this their home.

Mark Kozakiewicz

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