Inside Australia’s first convertible apartment

Australia’s first convertible apartment spaces have been revealed, designed by architecture practice ROTHELOWMAN and developed by Hamton.

The multifunctional spaces are prime examples of the innovation that can be achieved in small apartments despite current debate surrounding the implementation of minimum size standards.

Currently under construction, the spaces form part of the final stage in the master-planned Sanctuary on the River development, located in Abbotsford.

The apartments include moveable walls, pull down beds and integrated joinery, offering residents the flexibility to extend and define their living space as necessary.

The multifunctional capabilities of the compact design include cupboards that move to create a divider between a separate kitchen and bedroom, or removed for a studio-style apartment feel.

A bed folds out from the wall and an extra room can be created through a separate divider.

Australia’s first convertible spaces illustrate the exciting possibilities for flexible thinking around the way we perceive small living spaces.

A convertible apartment in action

A case for innovation

Convinced of the benefits a convertible space can offer, ROTHELOWMAN went on to test potential mechanisms for creating maximum spatial flexibility.

In an Australian first, ROTHELOWMAN were able to hone the living space down to the essentials.

They have created the apartment design from the ground up, incorporating multiple space-saving solutions to present a holistic, cohesive layout.

"Intelligently designed with meticulous attention to detail, the convertible spaces allow you to make the most of your space,” says ROTHELOWMAN Principal Chris Hayton.

“By day you can have a studio apartment and by night you can maximise your entertainment capacity by increasing your living areas."

Convertible Spaces

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