BKK's latest far from mundane

Never a firm for bland designs, BKK Architects have unveiled three of their latest creations which are set to grace the Melbourne landscape. Delivering a high level of design diversity, Cirqua Ivanhoe East, Jewell Station and a Fitzroy townhouse project are the latest in a long line of architecturally diverse projects the CBD-based practice has conceived.

At varying stages of the development cycle, the three residential projects seek to bring a new dynamic to their surrounds while solving site specific design challenges in the process.

Cirqua Ivanhoe East

Cirqua's distinct facade. Image courtesy BKK

Subject to several unsuccessful planning applications in recent years, Cirqua which is now at sales is the creation of BKK Director Simon Knott. The project was created at the behest of Cubik Developments and Martin Adams Property who merged adjoining properties to facilitate the medium-density development.

Designed to be a high-end legacy residence akin to 99 Spring Street or St Kilda Road's The Domain, Cirqua's stand-out portal windows are joined by a predominantly brick exterior which according to BKK "draws on the materiality and expression of local, historical housing types that are reinterpreted in a contemporary manner." Internally all of the project's 44 apartments have direct access to natural light and ventilation to both bedrooms and living spaces, resulting in 36 individually articulated interior floor plans.

We have chosen to build Cirqua to this level of design quality because we wanted to have an inherent sense of architectural beauty about it.

Jim Fagan, Cubik Developments

Jewell Station

Green is the word. Image courtesy BKK

Seen above is the first render released for the northern apartment building which forms part of Jewell Station's redevelopment. Victrack has joined with private development Neometro to revamp the station, with an eye to creating an active, useable public space supplemented by apartments. The distinctive nine level apartment complex looks set to be finished with a predominantly green facade and hanging planters.

Jewell Station is a precinct-based approach to Placemaking. The design encompasses a more holistic approach to urban regeneration that builds upon the local character and delivers a benchmark solution for inner-city living.

The creation of an urban village will act as a catalyst for positive change and future high-quality development in the area. The project was won through a competitive VicTrack bid process where BKK were the master-planners for the site and architects for the northern apartment building. The outcome is a design led solution that incorporates the latest in community consultation, sustainable practice, access for all, integrated living and adaptability.


Fitzroy Townhouses

At home in Fitzroy. Image courtesy BKK

Looking the part is BKK's low-rise development which sees eight separate four-level townhouses separated by an internal passage. Employing an exterior finished with red brick, which is prevalent throughout the area, the townhouse development is both interesting and contemporary.

The project draws upon the local character and various dwelling typologies to create a new type of housing for this gritty, inner-city suburb of Melbourne. High levels of environmental design, vertical green spaces and extra-large dwellings are clustered around a tranquil courtyard garden. Every aspect of this project is considered in detail to achieve a benchmark well beyond the standard.


Seen below are a sample of BKK projects highlighting the variety and depth of design employed by the firm. Elysium on Southbank with its green podium is perhaps the firm's most recognisable project to date, approved to 244 metres. Described by then Minister for Planning Matthew Guy as "A revolutionary change for the way that we design buildings in Melbourne" the project is currently taking registrations of interest via project manager Baracon's website.

BKK style. Image courtesy BKK


Bilby's picture

The Fitzroy townhouses are impressive! Where is this project, exactly?

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Mark Baljak's picture

No exactly sure but I can envisage the complex in the back streets of Fitzroy looks totally in place with its surrounds

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Bilby's picture

I'm guessing that this is 110 Leicester St. Fitzroy: PLN15/0121

I was disappointed to be losing the historic gable ended brick factory on the site, but this is actually a worthy replacement if that has to happen. Simon Knott and the team have designed a well articulated and beautifully contextualised building here, it seems.

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