Atelier Red + Black announce

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Atelier Red + Black announce

How would you rate the quality of your apartment? What about the quality of your office? Architects Atelier Red + Black together with media partner Urban Melbourne want you to tell us!

A new website has been set up as a portal for the general public to participate in research relating to the quality of our houses, townhouses, apartments and offices. Whilst these buildings are being designed for everyone to use and hopefully love, a large question remains over what people like and dislike about their current buildings. Are they the right size? Are they functional? What functions do they perform well and how can they be improved?

The Rate My Building project has already been operating for a few days and whilst it is far too early to draw specific conclusions about what the research will find, the initial data received raises some interesting questions that will hopefully be answered in time.

Over half of the respondents who have so far rated their house have indicated that their home size is either too big or small for their needs. By contrast a greater percentage of the initial respondents living in apartments were satisfied with the size of their dwelling.

Atelier Red + Black announce

In offices the initial responses suggest that there may be an issue with the percentage of workers who are unsure about the availability of important Health and Safety equipment such as first aid kits and defibrillators. Further responses will be required to determine if this is statistically significant, however the example highlights the value of undertaking such research.

Architects are always concerned with how occupants will use their buildings. This research will shed further light on what is working and what isn’t. This can then enable us to design better performing buildings that actively respond to the end user requirements.

Sonia Sarangi, Co-Director of Atelier Red + Black

Once sufficient responses are collected and the data analysed, Atelier Red + Black hope to share the insights of the project with Urban Melbourne and architects across Australia in a bid to improve future buildings and make them more responsive to the needs of the end user.

So go check out the website today! The more survey responses received, the better the picture we will have about the quality of our built environment.

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