Some Architects EAT style for Malvern East

Ideally bland designs have no place in our fair city so a degree of quirkiness is generally a good trait when you're a leading architecture firm. Architects EAT certainly can't be accused of being dull, with their website carrying a host of interesting, visually appealing projects located both in Melbourne and the Philippines.

So it was with great mirth that Architects EAT list Darth Vader sporting purple sunnies as the principal inspiration for an in progress apartment development on Emo Road, Malvern East.

In the words of Architects EAT:

Located in Malvern East near the university precinct, this is a 5 storey plus basement apartment building, containing 35 apartment units across 3400sqm. It features landscape and roof top garden design by renowned landscape architect Jack Merlo. The double curved, bluestone clad facade is a design response for experiencing architecture form from a vehicular perspective.

The highly reflective facade, both stone and glazing, will mirror the surrounding mature trees and further enhance the transient experience of passing by. Darth Vadar finally gets the SPF that he needs from purple Frogskins!

The Emo Road project does look to be a quality apartment development for Malvern East, but it's not alone. With the possible exception of The Clarence, nearby current apartment developments such as Fortuna and Gascoigne Apartments exercise a high degree of architectural nous, that is they're articulated, interesting designs that aren't visually offensive.

Naturally to some readers any development of this size in an established suburb such as Malvern East would be totally reprehensible. Fair Enough. But I would counter that view by saying that if small and mid size apartment developments are to become more common (and they will), I'd rather they carry a high degree of design integrity than not.

Hats off, or in this instance helmets off to Architects EAT for their Emo Road design!

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