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Recently Urban Melbourne looked at the generally high quality of its contemporary apartment building designs throughout Port Melbourne, but well, that was the entrée - as today we give an overview to the heavyweight that is St Kilda.  Highly popular due to its setting, a beacon for the trendy, the wealthy and the... lucky, St Kilda will always lend itself to high quality apartment projects.

Developers realise higher off the plan prices are attainable, supply is somewhat limited and the iconic bayside suburb commands quality.  Add a number of other contributing factors and architects are given greater leeway to deliver stunning, memorable designs.  That such impressive low and mid-rise apartment buildings are present throughout the suburb is a nod to Port Phillip City Council's policies, developers and architects alike.  In to particular order, here's Urban Melbourne's top three apartment building designs through St Kilda.

30 The Esplanade

Michael Bialek describes this contemporary addition to St Kilda's landscape. “The prominent location of the site provided an opportunity for a sculptural expression which allows the built form to manifest its own personality within St. Kilda,” says SJB’s Michael Bialek. The striking glass - a collaboration with DigiGlass Australasia and Pixels Per Inch – actually employs a super-imposed graphic, built into the double-glazed window units, with the semi-transparent image placed between each layer to ensure it does not fade over time. “The image references several characteristics inherent to St Kilda’s cultural fabric; the fishnet stockings simultaneously speaks of sex, the seaside and the politics of the promenade,” Bialek explains.

Luna St Kilda

In the architects words "It has inspired a dedicated fan web-site, generations of fancy-dress costumes and countless YouTube tribute videos, and now a building. That’s right, Luna, Elenberg Fraser’s new four storey residential project on Barkly Street, St Kilda, is based on Princess Leia’s infamous ‘dancing girl’ gold bikini, featured in Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. While Luna’s curvaceous form echoes the draping lines of Leia’s usual white robes, the shimmering gold glass and metal mesh materials are matched perfectly with the colours and textures of the gold brassiere."

The Face (as seen below)

Architect A-R-M website provides the following description of this unique building, "By embracing the idiosyncrasies of St Kilda we have extended and reinforced this sense of civic quality in the architecture.  The building is designed as an abstract, ornate object, standing as a sculptural element in the 'plaza' of the Carlisle-Acland Streets intersection."

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Urban Melbourne has highlighted these three projects, expand the slideshow below to gain an appreciation of a cluster of other high quality residential buildings that call St Kilda home.

Arno Group's The Face

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