Two thumbs up!

Given it's a long weekend, a brief article today highlighting two developments that I believe should be the benchmark for all medium sized apartment developments in Melbourne when it comes to green credentials.

First up, VCAT have recently overturned a Yarra City Council decision to reject an apartment proposal at 97-99 Rose street, Fitzroy. Going by the name Rawhouse, the development has been jointly conceived by Breathe Architecture and Small Giants as a follow-up to their Commons project in Brunswick. Holding 12 apartments, 22 bike spaces and a restaurant at ground, no car parking has been included due to the area's excellent public transport connectivity.

Mirroring Commons, Rawhouse is also laden with ESD features, including an open stairwell (below) which allows natural light and ventilation to foster a living facade. The building's timber and concrete finishes will be simple in their nature and recycled where possible allowing high insulation, high thermal and acoustic performance, low energy demands and an optimal living environment.

Further, rainwater will be harvested for reuse in toilet flushing while captured water will also serve all greenery via an irrigation system. Rawhouse is designed to be naturally ventilated and is expected to be a 100% green energy building. A fully useable rooftop green space will feature both winter (north) and summer (south) spaces with vegetable garden plots available. Extensive solar panels and solar hot water panels round out the building.

Secondly, Illura Apartments located at 87-101 Roden Street West Melbourne is nearing completion. Conceived by Elenberg Fraser Architects with Tract Consultants (landscaping) for Manhattan Hansen Group, the 92 one and two bedroom project has been delivered by Construction Engineering.

Featured over the facade are four vertical garden panels holding native grasses, mirroring the area's ecology prior to settlement. An internal grey water system fed by apartment showers will ensure there is ample sustenance for the greenery.

If nothing else, Illura's facade looks stunning!

Illura Roden Street frontage


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A further two thumbs up for Illura as well. yes smileyyes

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Hard to understand Yarra CC opposition to Rawhouse. It seems to tick all the environmental boxes for me.

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Yarra CC objected against the overall mass/bulk of the development and its impace on its surrounds. Environmental/sustainability credentials didn't play a part. Rawhouse really fits in with the area, and it is great to see developers taking a punt on sustainable initiatives such as those shown in these developments.

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