The Paper Castle

Cast your mind back to 2004 and some may recall the Lombard paper factory in Travancore looking a little worse off after a big night on the gaspers. 

Fast forward to late 2012 and Bensons Property Group successfully delivered ALT, the third and final stage of the Lombard site redevelopment. Designed by Fender Katsilidis and built by Hickory, the complex stands as a monument to urban renewal. At 25 levels and bound by Mt Alexander Rd, Railway, Creek and Citylink/Flemington Bridge station, ALT's exposed position and pronounced form makes for an imposing sight and an interesting backdrop to ‘the cheese stick’ as drivers enter the City of Melbourne.

Of particular interest are three commissioned art pieces throughout the complex, whilst another sits atop the pedestrian entrance facing Mt Alexander Rd. ALT's website blurb reads as follows:

“The company's philosophy that fine art inspires and stimulates our senses as well as reflecting our society. The Alexander Lombard Tower will exhibit specially commissioned art and sculpture that enhances the Travancore experience. Distinctive sculptures 'Roaring Bull' by Anthony Van der Zweep, 'Distilled Space' by Augustine Dall'Ava and ''Le Chevalier aux Miroirs" by Alexander Knox are just three of these commissioned works.”


Whilst not world beaters, these pieces represent a concerted effort by the developer to enhance the social/urban experience and stimulate passers-by; a stance not often taken by developers and not often championed by local councils. A variety of pictures of the completed Lombard development are below.

ALT as seen from Eureka

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