The rhyme and reason for buying in Melbourne

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The rhyme and reason for buying in Melbourne

It is always a worthwhile exercise in gleaning the opinions of others, more so when the person in question represents a growing wave of non-resident apartment buyers seeking to claim a slice of the Melbourne residential market.

Urban Melbourne had the opportunity to pose a number of questions to Light House purchaser and Melbourne semi-resident, Raymond Wei.

In this vox pop of sorts we began by asking the question perhaps most pertinent: would you describe yourself as an investor or an owner-occupier?

RW: I view myself as an owner, I won't be using my apartment year-round but when I'm in Melbourne it is my residence.

MB: Melbourne's skyline is always changing with new projects appearing; were views a consideration when you purchased or merely a benefit?

RW: Everyone would choose sunlight and views if they had the choice. I know Melbourne is changing quickly so views will change but I appreciate direct sunlight and not living in the shadow all the time. Light House will give me both.

MB: What attracted to you the development, in terms of location and design?

RW: I know what Melbourne can be like with its weather, so I was impressed with the winter garden designed into the apartment; it creates a really comfortable residential environment and gives me another usable space when I want it.

The location is great, I have the market and shops a few minutes away.

The rhyme and reason for buying in Melbourne
Light House Melbourne's dining room

MB: How important was the interior design of the living spaces when considering your purchase?

RW: Very important as I will end up living in the apartment. Some people don't care so much, as they are just investors looking to buy an investment property. With Light House I looked at the quality of the living spaces plus I was impressed with the amount of natural light available.

MB: Would you use the communal facilities at Light House (e.g. the sanctuary spa and the entertainment lounge)?

RW: Yes, I will use all of them whilst living in Melbourne. Sometimes you want to get out of your house but not necessarily go outside - maybe the weather's not so good or so on - and the facilities allow me break my routine. I get to relax, work or socialise in quality spaces.

MB: Is a car park important or just an afterthought when living in the CBD?

RW: I require a car when in Melbourne, so absolutely parking becomes extremely important. It takes away all the headache of trying to find street parking in a city where they're not easy to find. It's certainly cheaper than getting charged hefty fees at public car park.

MB: As for the world's most livable city, what do you find attractive about living in Melbourne?

RW: Living in the city brings a lot of convenience. I'm within walking distance to major shopping centres, Victoria Market and many other attractions that local residents take as part of everyday life.

I really like the culturally diversified lifestyle, events, mixed cuisines and restaurants plus the varied festivals... Melbourne has a lot to offer in a concentrated area.

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