Urban Comment Policy

One of the key reasons we created Urban is because we believe the development of new apartment buildings should be a collaborative process between developers, consumers, council, architects and local communities.

We encourage discussion on our site, but to ensure that the integrity of the discussion is preserved we have key policies governing comments on Urban.

  1. No spam - Comments should not contain spam or be promotional in nature.
  2. No haters - Comments can not be inflammatory, containing language or concepts that could be deemed offensive, threatening, or misleading.
  3. Speak the truth - Opinions are fine but these should not be presented as facts unless evidence can be provided. We encourage opinions to also be supplemented by third party evidence.
  4. No conflicts of interest - Comments cannot be posted by individuals affiliated with competing projects, businesses, organisations, or any other deemed conflict of interest.
  5. Keep it relevant – Let's make sure that content shared across the community is relevant and useful.

“Whilst generally at Urban we will not delete comments, a breach of the above policies may result in your comment being deleted. Please refer to our terms of use for the full details on Urban’s rights (https://www.urban.com.au/legal)”

If you have any questions relating to our commenting policy, please contact the Urban team at [email protected].