Rivergum Homes

About the developer

Rivergum Homes was founded in 1994 in South Australia by Victor Said and has had over 25 years of industry experience building brand new homes for their clients. Today, Rivergum has built over 8500 new homes and is one of the most prestigious building companies in South Australia and is continuing to prosper within Victoria. 

Rivergum Homes mission is to ensure that excellent customer service is guaranteed to be provided to every client throughout all stages of the building process. No matter the life stage, budget or type of client, Rivergum Homes ensures to deliver quality homes that will help improve their customers' lives. Rivergum Homes has more than 120 unique, fresh and affordable house designs and has continued to maintain its reputation of being a homebuilding company that’s flexible, creative and competent.  

With over 120 unique, fresh and affordable home designs Rivergum Homes continues to maintain a reputation of being flexible, creative and competent and has won multiple Housing Industry and Master Building Association awards including the ‘Professional Major Builder’ award. 

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