City Under Construction: 23SEP16

City Under Construction: 23SEP16

It is not difficult to notice that Melbourne is a city under construction, facing one of it's biggest booms in history. Some of the changes are good, some of it bad but there is no arguing that our city will change dramatically in the not-so-distant future. Melbourne will be more vibrant as it becomes a 24/7/365 city; teeming with residents, events, hospitality and late night shopping. Our skyline will become one of the most colourful and interesting in the World. I love documenting these changes so every now and then I will post updates of our city's transformation. Grab some lunch and enjoy the pics:

Victoria One, Elizabeth Street






Lighthouse, Elizabeth Street





888 Collins Street, Docklands



EQ Tower, A'Beckett Street




Aqui Promenade, Docklands


35 Spring Street, CBD






Avant, A'Beckett Street



Empire Melbourne, Elizabeth Street



Eporo, La Trobe Street



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Adrian's picture

Wow you've been keeping your powder dry on the forum with those photos Sydney !!

That has to be one the best collections of constructions photos I've ever seen in my 15+ years on these various forums.

Outstanding work make sure this is a regular update !

32 Blocks's picture

Thanks Adrian :) I will try to post as often as possible and not hang onto them for so long ;) Have an awesome weekend :)

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Chris Seals's picture

I agree 100% with Adrian's sentiments, outstanding work OYM.

32 Blocks's picture

Thanks Chris, I am pleased to read that you enjoyed the post :)

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