We Tram Melbourne: 16SEP06

We Tram Melbourne: 16SEP06

When we think of Melbourne we think of trams, the signature of our great city. We have the largest tram network in the world and it is still growing, long may it continue. I love taking pics of our wonderful trams and I hope that you enjoy the pics just as much as I enjoyed taking them. Happy Friday everybody :)











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Absolutely love trams, I often think civilisation ends at the point when you can no longer see trams on the streets.

We did well in keeping our network going, but wish we kept at least one street running cable trams.

We Tram Melbourne: 16SEP06

Lonsdale street with cable trams, now we have buses instead.

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LOL I agree :) there is definitely room for lines to be extended and provide some of the soulless suburbs with character and a little bit of soul ;) Re-instate the Lonsdale trams and build a bus interchange on the outer edge of the CBD - Voila, problem solved.

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