Ballarat 10JUL16 Part 1

Part 1. So as to not be accused of being parochial, we have decided to feature our fabulous Victorian neighbours and we can't think of any better way than to start with the rich heritage of Ballarat. Over the course of the next week we will be posting images of what captivated our attention on our last visit in July and we hope that you enjoy this online visit with us just a much as we did.



MelbourneGuy's picture

Brilliant Sydney. I always look forward to your photos.

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Thanks :) It makes it all worth the while to read that the pics are enjoyed. Have a fabulous day :)

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Peter Maltezos's picture

What the National Mutual Building at the corner of Sturt and Lydiard Streets looked like when it still had its domed roof in 1913.


I collect, therefore I am.
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Thanks for the pic Peter, it is amazing what difference a dome can make, I am user that it won't be that expensive to replace it either. Bring back the dome Ballarat !

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