Capping off a big week for land use policy in Melbourne

Capping off a big week for land use policy in Melbourne

It's now time to breathe.

Has there been a more intense week for land-use policy announcements? We are counting down to the annual state budget in a few weeks so one would naturally expect snippets to filter through in the pre-budget period. But not like this.

From Wednesday to Friday, each day brought a carefully orchestrated announcement from closing the book on the East West Link, shifting focus to Public Transport with a reminder that the planning work for Melbourne Metro Rail was rebooted and to the expansion of the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area.

It could only have been topped if the Government had announced that they had selected a site as a long-term replacement for the Port of Melbourne. Alas, they didn't, so the world didn't turn completely upside down this week, the axis just tilted more to the left.

Here's a link to a selection of media reports from this week along with some of my own commentary.

East-West announcement

East -West Link: Andrews Government 'dead' over axing, predicts Tony Abbott, Josh Gordon, The Age. One must wonder if Tony Abbott's aware of his own disastrous polling in Victoria at the moment?

Victoria to launch fresh push for Commonwealth's East West Link funds, Alison Savage, ABC.

East-West Link debt confusion, Rick Wallace, The Australian.

Daniel Andrews makes major announcement about East West Link, Matthew Johnston, HUN.

Media go beserk as Victorian Labor effectively closes the East West Link file, (Cr) Stephen Mayne, Crikey [paywall]. The councilor with an opinion on everything, one of the better analysis pieces.

Coalition to blame in the East West Link debacle, Leith van Onselen, Macrobusiness.

Daniel Andrews' East West Link compensation shame, Editorial, HUN. The poor dears at the HUN were razzled when St Kilda Road got bike lanes (most likely the route HUN honchos drive to their offices on City Road), now they've surpassed stratospheric rage and have entered the Flogosphere. It's worth giving the HUN a pageview or two for the shits and giggles.

Road to ruin: East-West saga hurts both sides, Barry Cassidy, The Drum (ABC).

Melbourne Metro/Swanston street announcement

Metro Rail tunnel to be built under Melbourne's Swanston Street, Victorian Government says amid warnings of years of disruption, Alison Savage, ABC. All the detail, in one place.

Melbourne property owners, businesses should pay a levy to fund Metro Rail, Committee for Melbourne says, Michael Bleby, AFR.

Andrews to build city rail tunnel without $3billion in Federal Funding, Patrick Durkin and Ewin Hannan, AFR

Melbourne Metro: challenge of tunneling underneath Yarra River still unresolved, Adam Care and Clay Lucas, The Age. In this piece, Fairfax have published a 2 year old video they obtained under FOI during the Ballieu Government era.

Melbourne Metro tunnel to bridge years of disruption as it is built under Swanston Street, Samantha Landy, HUN

Swanston Street traders furious over Melbourne Metro project, 3AW.

A decade of disruption for Melbourne's CBD with $11billion rail tunnel, 9News. Links to the 9News report broadcast on TV that night. A decade of disruption in the CBD? Far fetched.

Metro Rail project: Daniel Andrews' doesn't have the luxury of time, Josh Gordon, The Age.

The Premier's op-ed in the HUN.

Fishermans Bend Announcement

Fishermans Bend to almost double under new Victorian Government plan, ABC.

GMH to start selling off chunks at Fishermans Bend, Marc Pallisco, The Age.

Victorian Government delays Fishermans Bend project, Rick Wallace, The Australian.

Fishermans Bend regeneration takes shape, Nick Lenagan, AFR.

New plan for Melbourne's Fishermans Bend, 7 News. Includes report broadcast on TV on the night of the announcement.

Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area expands, interim height limits applied. Our report from Friday.

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Discussion (1 comment)

Melbman's picture

The real issue is that there is effective no significant transport project that will start within the next few years.

Its great to say lets get rid of EWL, which did have a contract signed and was shovel ready, but whats ready in its place to start? Nothing.

Metro Rail Tunnel for all the support it gets is not shovel ready, and not even remotely close to being in that category for some time to come. Issues like the method of tunneling under the Yarra will have to be overcome, along with land acquisition on the route.

Add in that the funding model is going to be a challenge, unless Labor wins next year and throws money Victoria''s way. If Shorten gets to be PM, at least he is a Victorian :)

The Fisherman's Bend plan seems just an announcement to appear like something is being done. Everything seems light on detail at best and rushed at worst.Giving more power to councils will also make the process even more convoluted judging by previous experience.

We need action now, not dreams of better days ahead IF things fall into place.

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