CBC report: Do our cities still work?

CBC report: Do our cities still work?

Thanks to social media and maintaining an healthy interest in what's happening up in the Great White North, the following youtube video has been flashing across my twitter feeds and facebook timelines a lot.

It's a 20 minute segment titled "Do our cities still work?" and produced by the ABC-equivalent in Canada - the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) - for their nightly news & current affairs programme The National - a hybrid 7:30 and 4 Corners of sorts.

Refreshingly, the report is not one about housing affordability, it's not about one type of density, it's not about the individual problems, issues and potential solutions which might make cities better. It looks at fundamentals: how Canada, like Australia, have designed cities for the past 50-60 years entirely around the automobile and the need for societal change to put physical activity back in to city design.

I can only hope the ABC or another commercial broadcaster takes up the challenge in Australia - this is the conversation we need to have, and it's a conversation that policy-makers from all political perspectives need to be a part of so we can avoid rubbish projects like the East-West Link in future.

Youtube link.

Lead image credit: Twitter/CBC.

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