A conversation with the Planning Minister

A conversation with the Planning Minister

On Friday afternoon just gone, Nick Harrison, Laurence Dragomir and myself meandered down to 1 Spring Street and had a conversation with Planning Minister Matthew Guy on a range of current planning and city development topics.

These ranged from:

  • Plan Melbourne's impact and relationship with regional areas just beyond the Melbourne Metropolitan area
  • PANS-OPS, Essendon Airport and the impacts on tall building proposals in the centre of Melbourne
  • The direction the new Metropolitan Planning Authority will take and how it will influence transport policy priorities
  • The new reformed planning zones

Owing to time constraints there were a few topics we weren't able to cover (for instance: policies to encourage greater affordable and community housing mixtures in new urban development) however we will endeavour to cover them should the Minister wish to continue our conversation in future.

This week we'll be dedicating a lot of time on site to the discussion we had with Matthew Guy and in the interests of balance we will be offering Brian Tee, ALP Shadow Minister for Planning, and Greg Barber, Greens Planning Spokesperson, the same opportunity to give us their thoughts on current planning and city development over the next few weeks as well.

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Qantas743's picture

Wow! Good work gents!

Can't wait to hear the details!

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