Sydney comes up with a smokey plan to deck over its rail lines

Sydney comes up with a smokey plan to deck over its rail lines

Originally cited on this SSC thread, it appears the powers that be are getting serious on the other side of the Murray.  

And it's a smokey idea as well.  

Despite rail being the best mass-transport option in any large city, like a wide freeway, surface rail lines are barriers and for the most part hostile to the pedestrian.  

Like E-Gate, Docklands and the eventual decking over the rail lines to the East of Federation Square, building over the main rail lines entering Sydney from the South could yield a magnificent opportunity to remove the artificial barrier.

Full documentation here.

At 90 hectares, the Central to Eveleigh corridor is just over the 1/3 the size of the Fishermans Bend zone and arguably this, along with Barangaroo, is a significant opportunity for Sydney to increase density in its inner core quite literally right on top of the infrastructure best suited to support it.

One hopes for Sydney's sake the ambition isn't scaled back over time.  

Sydney comes up with a smokey plan to deck over its rail lines

Sydney comes up with a smokey plan to deck over its rail lines

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Brilliant. It looks stunning. It makes so much sense - not only does it make sense from an urban planning perspective, its much more aesthetically pleasing, and - it would raise a lot of cash for the government through the sale of the land. I can't believe we haven't done it more.

There are so many candidates in Melbourne for it too. Aside from the afore mentioned Fed Square and E-Gate development, there is also the rail lines between Dudley St and Southern Cross, the rail between Dynon Rd and city link, and the rail yards in Newport/Williamstown North.

There is this proposal for the Footscray Railway Station precinct, which would totally transform the Footscray CBD:

There was even this somewhat ambitious plan thrown up last year as part of building a Chadstone station:

"A private consortium wants government money to help build the new Chadstone station and subway tunnels, which would remove six of the eastern suburbs' most dangerous level crossings and free up valuable land for development.

It would create more than 100,000 square metres of valuable new real estate along a corridor up to 50 metres wide and more than four kilometres long. The consortium would not own this land and would still have to tender for the right to develop.

The consortium is seeking a $600 million to $700 million contribution from the government. It says the Chadstone connection would spark a huge increase in rail patronage and help the government recoup its costs."

At $700 million it would be a bargain given the benefit.

If the Sydney proposal gets up, hopefully the good ol' Sydney-Melbourne rivalry can inspire our government to follow suit!

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