Memo Vicroads - move the travel time indicators on the Monash

Memo Vicroads - move the travel time indicators on the Monash

Since the opening of Eastlink, I've found the lack of travel time indicators and advanced road hazard / traffic warning boards before the Monash / Eastlink interchange citybound very odd.

Here's an enormous road built to move traffic North-South through the whole East of the city and is a legitimate city access and airport access alternative, yet there is no meaningful advanced warning of traffic or other issues - we all know the travel time indicator boards - before the interchange so people could potentially use EastLink rather than Citylink.  Especially when the Domain tunnel is closed - like last night whilst I was driving home from my family's place in the outer South East yet only discovered it was closed when reaching the first toll gate after Toorak Road.

Instead, there's still only the two travel time indicators which have been on the citybound lanes for a decade or more - one after Jacksons Road and one after Forster Road - not very useful to people who would want to seek an alternate route, especially those of us who are not tightarses, have E-Tags and are willing to pay to use quality infrastructure like Eastlink.

Might I suggest a travel time indicator next to the citybound lanes at the merge of the Monash and South Gippsland Freeways before Heatherton Road.  If you're in the inner lane or lane to the left of it when travelling on the Monash toward the city, the hazard warning board is just a little too late to be of any use to people who might want to use Eastlink as an atlernative route.

Sorry, am I talking too much sense?

Home page image credit: The Age

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