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Vale Melburnist's Braindump @ Blogger

Before Urban Melbourne, there was Melburnist's Braindump on Blogger.

I was extremely late coming to the blogging scene - after 10+ years on Skyscraper City - I [finally] decided to just go it on my own and put something on my own domain in the vein hope that someone would care [insert chortle sound here]. I can't even remember the amount of views I got - paltry if I remember correctly - but it wasn't long until I thought: hold on a minute, there's more to this.

After going through the widget set in Blogger I thought there's got to be a better way to add different functionality to the blog. It wasn't long until I discovered Drupal (the CMS which runs this site) and furthermore doing what business/test analysts do - explore and play with new technologies - I realised there's actually much more than can be achieved on a CMS like Drupal than through a lonesome blog.

It's only now that I've actually paid attention to creating blogs on Urban Melbourne. We actually want to keep the existing six main page article categories on the straight and narrow and I want the Urban Melbourne blogs to become a place where myself and co-editor/director Mark can invite people who've shown a passionate interest in our city, its future development and those who have an interesting perspective on living here to blog about everything they like and dislike.

Me? I have many thoughts during the day and I'll pretty much use this blog as a space to record it.

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