Advertising General Terms and Conditions

  1. Every advertiser (be they a developer, real estate agent, government department, other business or individual) agrees to and is bound by these General Terms and Conditions.
  2. Subject to these Terms & Conditions, Alamar AV Communications Pty Ltd ('AAVC P/L', 'we', 'our', 'us', 'Urban.Melbourne', 'Urban Melbourne') will use its reasonable endeavours to publish advertising in the format and position agreed with the Customer. Advertising includes images, editorial content, featured project channels and banner advertising.
  3. AAVC P/L reserves the right to refuse and / or edit, subject to AAVC P/L's editorial policy, advertising – be it banner advertising creatives that do not meet our specifications or sponsored editorial content which the Editors of Urban Melbourne deem to be inappropriate.
    1. AAVC P/L furthermore reserves the right to alter, refuse or cancel a campaign without notice if we find the advertiser has attempted to:
      1. transmit a virus over Urban Melbourne's network
      2. use any means to direct traffic to Urban Melbourne where an excessive burden is placed on our infrastructure
      3. the Customer's digital marketing website does not have an easily identifiable Privacy Policy on the landing page from the Click-through URL provided by the customer
  4. Customer to provide a Click-through URL for banner Advertising. Direct URLs to own digital marketing website OK. Shortened URLs are not permitted, we will however permit URLs with proper analytics tracking code to be used – subject to initial Urban Melbourne test clicks. Refer to Google's site on how to properly construct these URLs:
  5. AAVC P/L will permit links directly to own digital marketing website, shortened URLs (such as '' or 'tinyurl') are not permitted, we will however permit URLs with proper analytics tracking to be used from from sponsored editorial content – subject to initial Urban Melbourne test clicks during article editing process.
  6. AAVC P/L reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions and will provide an updated copy to you. Any campaigns which AAVC P/L has received payment for will be bound by the Terms and Conditions agreed to at the date of payment.
  7. Urban Melbourne has a strong community presence and the community users are encouraged to share their own pictures of Melbourne and / or buildings under construction in Melbourne and Regional Victoria. You are prohibited from using images shared by Urban Melbourne community users unless you have explicit permission from that user.
  8. AAVC P/L grants the advertiser a Creative Commons Attribution ( ) license if the advertiser has entered into an agreement with us to produce images and construction progress reports (“Construction Update Packages”) for the advertiser. AAVC P/L encourages the advertiser to make their client base aware of the advertiser's Urban Melbourne project page and the customer is free to re-use any images and content from any report AAVC P/L delivers to the customer for the customer's own marketing material needs as long as Urban Melbourne is credited as the source.
  9. AAVC P/L will treat as confidential any dealings with the advertiser in relation to price, inventory availability,and other package-specific terms. Advertiser agrees to likewise treat any dealings with AAVC P/L in a confidential manner and furthermore agrees to not disclose detail on any supplimentary agreement they have with Urban Melbourne.
  10. The Advertiser acknowledges it has not relied on any advice made by AAVC P/L in connection with the user, pageview and advertising inventory data it may provide to the advertiser.
  11. AAVC P/L excludes all implied conditions and warranties from these terms and limits its liability for breach of any non-excludable condition as defined by the Competition & Consumer Act to the re-supply or cost of re-supply of advertising.
  12. AAVC P/L will not be liable for delay or failure to publish your sponsored editorial content, banner advertising, database upgrade package components or sponsored social media posts that are caused by an event or factor outside of our reasonable control – including but not limited to: network/server interruptions, legal intervention or industrial dispute.